Monday, February 14, 2011

Birdhouse Mini Quilt

I discovered a Mini Quilt swap on Flickr, and on a whim, decided to join in. This is the quilt I made. In the next day or two I'll find out who to send this one too and then I'll get someone else's in the mail. It's an idea that's full of win to my mind.

I used freezer paper to piece together the bird house, and treated it like a giant coaster in order to avoid binding, as I have yet to really figure out how exactly to do binding. I just need to get together with my sewing mentor (aka Mom) and practice a bunch. Or maybe I'll start making round mini quilts!


  1. Adorable - AND amazing!
    I don't think I've ever ever seen anyone's First Quilting Attempt turn out so well.

  2. Aww Geez! Thank you so much - it's just a weeeeeeee quilt though! I even managed to avoid having to figure out how to do the binding - this time. . .

    Also, you win a "Becky is forever grateful" trophy for being the first ever commenter on this blog. :D