Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I need homework.

In the before time, when I was making bags and coasters, there was always something to work on. If I felt far enough ahead of myself I could branch out and do something fun or unusual, but the bags were quite fun in and of themselves.

Then there was the between time when I could not sew. I found some comfort in crochet and dreamed about all of the things I would make when I could finally sew again. I wondered if I would forget all of my know-how and be frustrated.

Now I am sewing once again. All of the other stuff that happened in the between time means I am a slightly different me and I am still sorting out what that means in terms of sewing. For instance I haven't made any bags yet.  While I am still wondering if I want to make things to sell, just about everything I have made I have given away. It's some sort of unspoken rule in my subconscious - once the pieces and parts become a thing - I have to find the person to whom it belongs.

This is all a long way of saying that what I've noticed in the past couple of months is that when I have a specific task in mind of what to make and for whom, I am happy. Plus I am busy as a beaver. I flounder  without an assignment. I am now trying to stay one step ahead of myself so that I've always got something to get buried in. Putting these pieces of cloth together, making those straight lines meet, ironing the crinkles out, and those magic moments when the parts become a 'thing' and I feel like Giopetto, are all good for my soul.

Thus, that scrappy trip along has come in handy. I did try to make an all blue block but couldn't get the color gradations in the right blues together. So I went back to a rainbow assortment.

My cousin is having his knee repaired in a short while and he's making plans for his recovery. I decided he'd need a pillow so that's what I worked on today.
trying out some fabrics. 

the final result. 
I've never made a log cabin block but I think that's what this is, with a whole lot of improvisation. I started with the typewriter block since we share a love of vintage machines, and went from there. I am happy with the way it came out and I can't wait to give it to him. The picture really doesn't do it justice unfortunately. I need to get better at that.


  1. As someone who spends a lotta time in th' kitchen, I will tell you true: th' world needs more cute kitchen schtuff. If you're lookin' for homework, or ideas for new paths to tread, I would say...potholders, mitts, aprons, cafe curtains...?
    PS Th' pillow looks adorable! Gators gah!

  2. hey that's right - you're in a new space - that has space!! I'd happily sew up some curtains for you - they're quick usually. And I'll work on a potholder or two for you. :)