Tuesday, April 19, 2011

symbols and changes

My dad used to console me by saying "you can have a good job, a good apartment, and a good boyfriend, but not all three at once".  It' the kind of thing that's good to hear when you've got one out of three (there must be some hope) but maybe not so good when you think you've got all three.  For me, in the next two weeks, 2 out of 3 will be changing  completely. I'm planning on  holding on to the boyfriend, who is actually my fianc√®,  til death do us part.  

I'm leaving my job as a sign artist (after 9 years!) on Thursday and I'll start training for my next job as a Nursing Assistant on Monday. Also, we've  gotta find a new place to live by June at the latest. We've really been gunning for May 1st in order to give ourselves some breathing room. We've found a place we like, we're just waiting to hear from the landlords, who could call at any second. It'll be a huge relief knowing where we'll be living!

In the meantime, this morning I realized I had better take the following picture or forever hold my rant. 

So I've been taking the bus a fair amount, due to my deep concern for the environment, to avoid paying parking fees,  because I love the walkas I just can't get enough time with the other kinds of folks who ride the bus, since I procrastinated taking care of essential car care thingies like inspections and floppy tires. Anyway! I've had a lot of time to stare these symbols, and part of my job as the store's sign artist was to try and come up with ways that a symbol or illustration could convey the intended message as quickly and cleanly as possible, maybe even to people for whom English was not an initial language. 

The first is clearly no smoking, and I think this is the internationally recognized symbol for that. That one makes total sense to me.  It took me quite a while to discern the middle symbol, finally seeing the cup of pop behind the  hotdog. If this symbol was in more than one color it would be much more readable.  I've gotta wonder how many people understand this symbol. 
On the right is my favorite, since it's so silly. That is an image of an old-time wooden radio, the kind I am young enough to have never seen in action. I've been wondering, lo these long months, if there are now actual records in museums, as well as these kinds of radios, how many people can possibly recognize this symbol? Even a boom box would be outdated, and difficult to convey.

These are the things I ponder as the subconscious part of my brain tries to contend with the huge upcoming changes which are all gonna turn out to be awesome.


  1. Aaaahhhhh, change. It can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Often exhausting.

    And yeah - wtf with that radio graphic? It looks like an air conditioner or a breadbox to me, but maybe that just reflects my current desires.

  2. Th' bus rejects our robot overlords?! O jeez, are THEY ever gonna eliminate public transportation when Skynet fires itself up.
    On a less-apocalyptic-note, HOORAY for new apartment! You will have to be th' S'nalbans Drive-in Representatives an' send field reports back to us southerners.

  3. Now-a-days, kids are still being taught that a floppy disk symbol means "Save". If you ask them what that symbol means they'll say something like "it's a house isn't it?". Hehehe